Sunday, September 27, 2009

very few things suprise me

I never can read anyone any more, the more i expect of someone the more i seem to be let down, and when i least expect it the most random people lift me back up. Those people are the people who take a minute to say Hi, or tell me something that's on there mind or some times its something i stumble across on there face book or my space makes me stop and think about my friendship with this person

In my life one thing I want to do is "touch" someone, I want to affect some one's life for the better. Make them feel that they have the possibility to touch someone else in a great way.

Another thing i had on my bucket list is a funny one but its not if you knew me. About 5 years ago one thing i wanted to do before i kicked the bucket was have lunch with my brother. Just him and I. Brother and Sister. And we did and that was so awesome to have his undivided attention and to connect with him on a whole new level that him and i never experienced. My brother is definitely one of my best friends. No body has a
better brother/friend as i have. I'm lucky that he doesn't resent me for the things i have put him through but instead we have bonded closer. He is my Big brother and my friend.

people have the ability to amaze you if you give them the chance. most the time you will be surprised.

I'll leave you with some pictures of my BFF Aaron
good night all,
tomorrow is another day with a new start and a new end <3

Sunday, September 20, 2009

Its been to long

 Its been to long, my apologizes.

a lot has happened but nothing at the same time, mostly the same thing different day.
I feel well, nothing great. I usually can wake up and do my daily activities which aren't a lot but it keeps me busy.

I try my best to wear by vest for at least 40min 2x a day. As we rattalin and a rollin. Its hard to type but it makes it fun.

I went on a cruise to Alaska, and that was so much fun! here are some pictures enjoy


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