Wednesday, March 9, 2011

Why are you so mean

One thing I struggle with is people being mean to happens more often then you would think. But I struggle with the feeling its because of my disease. I once had someone tell me they were tired of tip toeing around me trying not to upset me because I'm sick . This hurts me in every aspect it's hard enough living with this disease but then feeling like your "friends" cant be real with you cause you are sick. What a shitty feeling.the last thing I ever want to do is make someone be fake with me cause they are worried about upsetting me. It's hard enough watching my family suffer through this damn disease but then to have a friend make it obvious I'm making there life hard because I'm sick makes me just want to cry. I never think my needs are more important then others...they are different but I'm still a person with feelings. The most hurtful thing is when someone attacks or judges me because of my's not something I chose to live with and if I could change it I would. People like that hurt my heart. It makes me just want to cry. I'm not much of a cryer but it helps me feel better. Sometimes it makes me wonder why do they have to be so mean?

Sorry for the spelling and grammar...blogging from the cell phone again.
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