Wednesday, September 3, 2014

Brother & Sister

I believe God knew what he was doing when he put Aaron on this earth before me. He saw what this child was capable of and saw the man he was going to be. So when I came into his life I was paired with him because everything he is exactly who I needed to have around me and influence me. Having cf and having a sibling is challenging as many parents will tell you. But this brother of mine was built to handle it all. The attention that was often shifted from him to me in a blink of a second. Brothers are your best friend that god picked for you. And with my Aaron he knew what I needed. Someone strong and kind. Thoughtful but tough. So many times I think of a world where we aren't together and it breaks my heart. I don't remember a time where I didn't have him. There were times when he was my safety blanket and my comfort. To know my brother is to love him. He is someone you see in a room and your drawn to him and his personality and witty remarks. Having loved my brother all my life is a privilege but knowing he loves me is unexplainable. I see the man he is and he makes me proud. I tell him that often and I'm sure he gets tired of hearing it, but I speak the truth. When I read of little George passing my first thought was of my brother. How my life would never be the same without him. So as any loving sister would do I texted him and told him I loved him. His response "yaya" in perfect form that is my brother expressing his love. 

I think of little George and the brother he must of been. I imagine he was just like my Aaron. And maybe I'm like Christina, who had a love for her brother that was strong and unbreakable. Now I think of one without the other I feel incomplete. To not have my brother beside me is painful and just writing this my eyes swell with tears because I know how much it's going to hurt to miss him. But I hurt for the pain he will feel when I'm gone. He will no longer be a brother. Just as parents who lost not one child but two will never have a full heart as each of there children took a piece of there heart with them to heaven. But together brother and sister will meet again and be reunited with the best friend God made especially for them. 

I want you to know about little George and Christina. Both fought hard against cf. Living the life that comes with this disease is no easy task as I'm sure many of you already know. Christina was waiting for her 3rd set of lungs when she bravely moved up to heaven breathing freely and feeling no pain. She left behind a husband and parents and of course her beloved brother little George. He had gotten ill very quickly and was evaluate for a lung transplant and received it in the nick of time. Sadly the lungs weren't a match and failed very quickly. As this is all happening. Mr. & Mrs. Gabeheart are burying Christina and morning the loss of a beautiful soul who was deeply loved by all. Meanwhile little George received a second transplant and many obstacles that complicated things from the first set of lungs to the second, little George joined his baby sister in heaven. A beautiful reunion that so many found comfort that they were together again. This family is unbelievably strong but they need your help. As anyone who knows anything about transplants there are a lot of fees and expenses that you are responsible for. So please do 2 things. Pray for there strength and for peace for many days and years to come for this amazing family. Also please help them by making a donation, they have so much to deal with that the financial burden shouldn't be something that they need to worry about. Any amount helps. I will be donating because everyone on my friends list is someone I know and love. I hope that if this was someone writing to you asking to help my parents that you would honor them in giving anything financially and giving them some good thoughts and prayers.

please take the time to pass this on, it means the world to me and so many others.

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