Wednesday, June 22, 2011

We have nothing to loose but only love to gain

A true fighter is laid to rest today, 24 years In warrior mode making CF the looser in every fight, always coming out victorious even in her greatest and last battle...she left on her terms. Such a true act of bravery and honor.

Today a family buries there beloved daughter. Sisters say goodbye to there sister and an angel leaves this earth.

Take a simple second and tell someone how much you love them, miss them admire them. Give that hug you have been meaning to share. Give them that warm embrace that is long over due. What do you have to loose? Nothing but only love to gain.

Nothing in life is fair, we all know that to well. Hug your loved ones tighter tell them how much you care.

A family buries there baby, a friend says goodbye to a dear friend and heaven gets the best angel to ever brace us with her earthly presence.

Megan, I adore you. I always felt such a connection to you. Our talks and letters shared are priceless to me, feeling like you completely understood me on every level CF or not was truly an amazing gift. I can say I'll miss you but those words do not do the justice of the emotion and hurt I feel. you were taken so quickly and too soon. I have never seen someone fight the way you did you are a true fighter. I will miss you terribly but look forward to seeing you again someday.

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