Thursday, June 5, 2014

Beautiful souls gone to soon

There are people put on this planet that are truly beautiful souls. Their smile is infectious and their love for life is contagious. They are the kind of people you find yourself drawn to. Knowing them and loving them make you a better person. 

Having people like this in your circle  of friends is life altering. The love that they project is empowering and even if your relationship is only one that's online. 

Having cf and having friends online is really as good as it gets. But you develop such a deep and strong bond. But nothing compares you for the loss of these remarkable souls. 

But when it rains it pours. Because not one beautiful soul has returned home but 2 great woman. Both married woman who left behind devoted husbands who are devastated to have lost the love of there lives to such an ugly disease. 

Mothers lost there precious daughters who they spent so much time loving and protecting. 

Dads lost there precious baby girls. 

But what kills me is brothers lost there baby sisters. Having an older brother myself it hits my heart hard. My brother was/is my first best friend,my first protector. When something happens I want him to know. I want to tell him about my 
crazy days and tell him my bad jokes. I think when you loose your sibling especially when your close you will never be the same and I don't want that for anyone but especially my brother. 

When so many people pass because of cf you never get use to it. You never become numb to the feeling of death. In fact I think you become more acceptable to the pain and hurt.

Sometimes I just don't want to know anyone else. I don't want new friends and I don't wanna get attached to others because when they leave it hurts and I sometimes wonder if someone can reach a point where they can't handle anymore hurt. 

So to sweet Christina. No one lived life the way you did. You lived it to the fullest. It is obvious you are loved and will be missed but mostly I think you changed so many lives. You loved life and life loved you back. 

Dearest Heather, even though we only met one time on accident. I felt a connection you. Going to the same clinic and having the same doctors. But the more I got to know you the more I respected you for your faith and uplifting attitude. 

So sweet cysters you lived beautiful and full lives and will never be forgotten your legacy will be one that lives forever in so many hearts. Breathe easy 

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