Wednesday, March 25, 2009


Hello... this is Jessica's Mom. I thought I would hack her blog and leave her a message. Jessica, I hope you and Stacey and Darlene are having fun at Disneyland today. You should enjoy this day and have some fun. For all you other Cfer's you know what I'm talking about. Jessica has been on home Iv's for over 2 weeks with one more week to go. Her hospital stay was the worst ever, but in true Jessica style she just did what was necessary and was awesome. Jessica you make me so proud of how you handle your daily life with CF. I admire you so much and it makes my heart ache that I cant do more to help you with all the crap you do. Being hooked up to Iv's for close to 6 hrs a day and you don't complain at all you just thank me with that big smile and those gorgeous brown eyes.xoxoxo mom

Thursday, March 12, 2009

Attention everyone:

I would like for you to note... I'm not a human pin cushion.

I returned home from a planned tune up from the hospital. Usually we go straight to doing them at home but because we were using medicine we haven't used before my doctor decided to admit me for safety reasons. It was an awful experience. How many nurses does it take to access a port? answer is 3 oncology nurses 1 RN and finally. Dr. Dad. 

Yes. My father could access my port when 4 other qualified hospital staff could not manage to even get it in the correct spot. Why you ask i will tell. Because they don't listen to ME. I said i use a 3/4 in needle. They said No...the hospital doesn't carry one you must mean a 1 inch. No i tell them. Needless to say 4 tries at the port 1 temporary IV later Dr. Dad strolls in and gets it the first time and brings me the correct size needle. Funny thig is my Dad has done it maybe 3x before.

So I'm well medicine seems to be working glad to be home. Glad i had visitors and glad my Family & real friends called and txt'd me to make sure i was good. That means so much to me.

Moral of the story just because your at the hospital doesn't mean you will get the best care. Sometimes the best is at home. Good night all. <3

Thursday, March 5, 2009

Monday Monday Monday

Monday is the Day i shall be admitted to the hospital. I'm glad finally have a game plan to getting better. i'll post tomorrow. 

Wednesday, March 4, 2009

today i had my mom take some pictures of me and the monster, i was hoping to find a new picture for my Header. It went well, just crazy, loveable dogs. 

This is the one and only booger. He's so sweet but he can be a mess.

Tuesday, March 3, 2009

a phone call

I'm waiting for a phone call that's going to decide what the next step is. Maybe a trip into the hospital or maybe a round of IVs doing 3 antibiotics. That one phone call will decide my fate. My appointment on Monday went well, i expected to have an answer that day but now its not till wed maybe Friday. I'm hoping my CF culture will respond to something that iv done before but the chances of that happening are very slim. I'm just ready to feel better at whatever extent. I'm bummed there is a possibility i miss my field trip with my precious second graders, were going to the living desert and i want to go!!! so lets hope it will work out to where i can go. 

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