Wednesday, March 14, 2012

Dearest Jaxson

I wrote this about 2 months before Jax made is appearance....

Dearest Jaxson

Your so close to making your big appearance in our little family. We have waited so long for reality years we have longed to have little feet running through our home and through our hearts. There is no doubt you will be loved to unreasonable amounts. Your life will be surrounded by love. Everything you do you will have love. Every step and word school play and graduation every game and practice you will have a love that carries you everywhere you will go. You will be the sunshine in so many people's lives that your going to feel overwhelmed with the love and support. I look forward to the day we meet and you capture my eyes and steal my heart. No one will ever be loved like you Jax , that's a promise I'll fa fill everyday I'm breathing. With love Jaxson Christpher....until I hold you in my arms I will not know love.

With love to the moon and back
Auntie Jess

I think it's safe to say I have found l love. He is perfect in everyway and already has my heart.

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