Tuesday, April 2, 2013

Bosco Booty Butt

Today was just another day really. I have good moments and bad. I enjoy getting out if the house to run errands but I'm not to fond of the coughing attacks I get getting in and out of the car. I'm constantly asking Matt to slow down. But I like our time together I'd take that over anything. I'm in bed really uncomfortable my tummy is unhappy and my chest is heavy and the coughing is really getting old. Only good thing is Bosco he's laying next to me right by my side almost like he knows I'm not well.

*FYI Bosco is an English Mastiff who is 18 months old and weighs over 150 lbs but doesn't know it *

The love of a dog is an amazing thing the way they feel what we are feeling and understand when we are hurt. The bond is truly remarkable and I hope everyone is able at one time to experience it.

Bosco booty is the light in my life when things get dark. He makes me feel important to him. He is my friend and my treatment buddy I always wanted a buddy to do treatments with but never thought it would be a dog like him but he is the sweetest thing and I don't mind he takes up half the couch.

Bosco Booty thanks for being my dog


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