Tuesday, September 25, 2012

My normal life

I'm full of mucus. It comes out in amounts that are frightening and it never seems to happen at the right time usually in the middle of a sentence I get that cough with projectile mucus that will take no mercy on your clothes, car or purse my mucus has no boundaries. It comes and attacks poor innocent people. It's like it feels the presence of fearful people and attacks. If it wasn't enough to spew mucus like a monster the cough is a whole other story. I make elderly people run in the opposite direction. The stares are my personal favorite. Nothing feels better then the over the shoulder stare as I'm grasping for breathe. Humanity at its best everyone. It never gets old. But fear not my friends I find it sad that stares and forceful smiles are what I attract but in reality all I'm trying to do is live my life as normal as possible and sadly all of the above is normal to me. Goodnight all xoxox

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