Saturday, October 18, 2014

How did this happen?

Coming to terms with where I'am health wise is kinda like a kick to the gut. You see it coming and really you could of done something to prevent it but all your left with is the pain and realization this is your health. 

Traveling use to be so easy. I could travel with the best of them. I'm an easy traveler in the sense that I go with the flow. I can be in a cramped space and usually get comfy. 

As I'm preparing for my 10 day trip I'm seeing new things added to the list. The newest and oddest things Is oxygen for the plane ride. Plane rides just send me in a downward spiral and usually result in coughing up blood. And since my last episode of coughing up blood landed me in 2 different emergency rooms I'm a little nervous flying because as any cfer will tell you lung bleeds are unpredictable and are scary as shit. So I'm trying to rent a personal oxygen concentrater to help get me to my vacation. I stopped and asked my mom when did this happen? When did I become this sick? I'm dumbfounded to say the least but I'm confident that the oxygen might bring me comfort and even help make this trip enjoyable. Please keep good thoughts in your mind and send them my way especially because I leave Wednesday am and in a waiting game for the dr to send the prescription over on Monday which leaves me little time. Without the oxygen things should be okay but it would make me feel better about traveling. So please send me positive vibes and well wishes. 
 Love to you all 
    Peace love and hello kitty 


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