Friday, January 8, 2010

2010 has just begun

it was an early morning dash to get out the door for my appointment in LA, I'm happy to report it was a good visit and we figured out 2 more weeks of iv's for me (yay) my weight was about the same and they are pushing hard for weight gain, so i come to you blogger friends have any of you tried adding 1 tsp of virgin or olive oil to your night time feedings. My dietitian is very confident this will help me add calories so 1tsp per can for your feeding. any ideas

Had my yearly blood work done so that's over with but i think the exciting news is we will be getting our own cf ward in the hospital. definitely the greatest news ever! Over all good visit weight 104 pfts normal range and left feeling comfortable about where I'm going health wise and who is there with me in this wild ride. goodnight

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