Monday, July 19, 2010

A war is going on

Apparently we have a gang problem...there seems to be a power struggle between good and bad mucoids in the neighborhood (meaning in my lungs) It recently has been brought to my attention I have three different mucoids living in my beloved lungs. Now two of the three are classified as "bad" leaving the single mucoid as "good." Now my extensive knowledge about gangs leads me to believe shortly we will experience a power struggle trying to get the good mucoid to cross over and join the "bad" gang. That's bad news for me, see these bad mucoids are bad mammajamas and they don't respond to antibiotics very well. This would leave me in bad shape but these gangs clearly have no concern for my well being so if they want a war a war is what they will get but let me assure you I'm not going down without a fight.


Anonymous said...

What bacteria are they?

Bob. said...

your blog is so cute!!


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