Friday, September 20, 2013

Bride with Cf

Being a bride and being a bride with cf. 

I can't help but find moments where my mind wonders. This is the most important day in my life. But how much of having cf changed what this day is about. 

I wouldn't be concerned about the dress in the aspect of it being heavy or bulky. Without Cf I would of picked something beaded and heavy  with crystals. Bling is better

I would probably wouldn't of picked a small venue. Because if I didn't have cf I would of gone to college and had a job that I made lots of friends. I wouldn't have a small bridal group cause id have more friends who took interest in me and enjoyed my humor and kindness and not get distracted with the responsibilities of being healthy as my only priority. 

I wouldn't have to pack a breathing machine and cough suppressant. Instead of praying for good weather I pray for strength to get through the day without making me sick or causing an infection that could turn into worse.

The people I wanted to attend aren't out of town or working they are in heaven when they should be my special guests. Stephanie would be
My 4th girl standing by me. And Megan would have flown to see me walk down the isle and we would dance until we couldn't dance. My sweet Maggie would be there too to make it complete all my cysters together on my special day. 

This day is a day I have dreamed of but I never realized how much it has had to change just to accommodate my cf. So Matthew and I will become one and cf is our baggage that we will carry together. Both our burden

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