Monday, November 3, 2008

Happy late Halloween!
This was right before we went to our Halloween party in Yucaipa
from left to right is
 ( Aaron Trevor Stacy Me and Matthew)

                         The party was fun, but planning to dress up was more fun. Stacy was the cutest Snow white you would ever see. She is the best everyone should have a friend like Stacy.

These three boys are very important i love them
 plus, they are hilarious.  Once you get older  Halloween has a whole different meaning.
 Next year I'm hoping maybe I'll throw a kick ass  party. 

I'm Feeling well, very tired. Trying to avoid all the sick people in the world, who always seem to find me. GrRrR. My friend Melissa isn't feeling well and is in the hospital for a routine tune up.
S0, i plan on trying to go visit her, i know how hard it is to be in the hospital. Well that's all for now
 x0x0 Jess 

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