Monday, December 1, 2008

As i get older

As I get older I realize that taking care of yourself is ALOT of work. How just the help of a mom or dad is a huge factor. I'm starting to  be 100% independent and people, it isn't easy. I applaud all of you who do it so well. How do you handle the transition? I'm struggling, and I'm not sure why i have such a struggle with this issue. Don't get me wrong i do my treatment's make my pills make doctor appointments everything but when I am in the position to slack I do. I try not to be a burden to anyone around me and i feel that is my downfall. 

On an update notice i had an appointment in Santa Clarita with my Infectious Disease doctor and a lot is depending on some tests I had done. mostly the A1c and hopefully that will come back and show that my 90 day isn't to bad. I feel in my heart of heart's that I'm destined to have CFRD its just a matter of time.  
 Today was a good day and I'm thankful regardless of what the tests show. 
  but  just in case keep your fingers crossed for low numbers ;)

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