Tuesday, May 12, 2009

im not sure

Life is cruel.
no matter how you measure it up, its cruel.

cruel |ˈkroōəl|
adjective ( -eler, -elest; Brit. -eller , -ellest )
causing pain or suffering

Some say when you feel pain it reminds you that you are alive.

I'm not sure i agree.

The times i feel most alive generally don't involve pain.

Today for instance, i enjoyed abundantly the time today with my big cousin and brother.
and i think of others who might not ever have that feeling of mobbing down the freeway in the passenger seat thinking to your self "this is a good day" the reason its a good day is cause i feel good enough to get dressed and put on my make up without a nap in-between.

I enjoy every day that i can wake up and touch my feet to the cold floor.

I believe god does things for a reason, why he takes a child from there family i have yet to figure out and i honestly don't think i will ever know. It's not like these children are not loved and cared for. what reason does he have that is so important that couldn't wait?

Life is cruel.

Kayleigh walk with the angels, breathe easy sweet girl.


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