Sunday, May 3, 2009

Acute Pneumonia

Once again, Im taking over the blog for Jessica. I have to say that I enjoyed her humorous blog posts while I was on Vacation. When I checked her blog from the cruise ship I was laughing out loud to her cookie and mojito. Anyone who knows Jessica knows that she goes no where with out her cookie...yes even at 22 she has to have that stuffed moose and that she is not a drinker, but who doesn't love a mojito? I know that when ever her dad and I are away she is well taken care of by all. Her fiance Matt and her older brother Aaron do a wonderful job to keep everything running smooth here at the Benson house. So, with that said let me begin. We came home last saturday to a clean house, Thanks kids. Hungry kids, Sorry I haven't taught you how to cook more for yourselves. Happy and excited dogs. Oh and  Pneumonia. Yep Jessica waited for me to get home for this one. LOL. This is a first for her, she woke up wed morning and was having a hard time breathing. ER here we come. I think they were nervous about her because of the CF they wanted to transport her by ambulance to her CF Dr. However they were able to stabilize her and get her started on some IV's.So this is a new one for her and she is feeling awful still. We will be calling her Dr's to discuss this with them. So, after a very relaxing vacation its back to real life. Thanks Jess for waiting for me to get home you know how I hate to be surprised. Love you....Mom

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