Monday, April 20, 2009

Day 3

Even Betsy is getting love from Matthew. Her tummy has been upset, very loud. but once Matt got here she perked up.

At the Benson House, we build cars, choppers, buggy's and anything else with wheels...but we just added jewelry. Aaron helped me with the metal parts and what not. 1 only have 1 done so far. here's some pictures
Angel wings cause the Tammy Cochran Song "angels in waiting" That's always been such an amazing song. It moves everyone to tears every time.

Also Stellan needs your prayers, The ablation surgery is tonight. It's a dangerous surgery for an infant. I'm not a religious person but please pray for Stellan he needs every ones prayers. Also tomorrow I'm going to wear orange for Stellan I think it will bring him good luck so please join me. 

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