Monday, June 15, 2009


Jessica's  time with IV's finally ended after a long 39 days. Her ID Dr (infectious disease) allowed her to stop 3 days before the 6 week mark so that she could take a well deserved vacation. Vacation you ask? Yep... a Carnival 4 day Mexico Cruise. I had wanted to do a quick getaway with my 2 kids. Only they aren't kids anymore,young adults. I was worried about Jessica going on this cruise because it was not the warm weather we had hoped for. We never put shorts or the dreaded bathing suit on. I can only imagine what the cabin next to us thought when 2x a day they would here her breathing machine and Jessica's says that she really feels no huge improvement after that long on iv's but also felt going longer wouldn't make a difference either. Thats is so frustrating. It use to be that she would feels great after 3 weeks and now she really isn't getting much out of all that antibiotics. Another pain in the neck or finger if you will is that she is having a hard time getting on track for the diabetes testing. I feel strongly that if she would get this new adventure started it would make a difference in how tired she always feels. This is another journey she just isn't ready to start.So, lets hope she has a decent summer and can stay off the antibiotics for more than 2 months. I want my daughter to have some energy and some stamina and so that is why I have decided to bring up the CFRD.(cystic fibrosis related diabetes) Mom...this message was approved by Jess

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