Sunday, June 21, 2009

to my pappy

happy fathers day to the man who i love so much. The best dad ever.

the only dad i know who gets excited when you show him those huge mucus plugs you coughed up

or tells you that if you poop it will make your head ache feel better.

says he will beat up any doctor if i asked him to.

Only person who will force feed me cause he wants to see me fat.

still at 22, tucks me into bed; mostly just to hook up my feeding machine for me. 

Will rub my head when i don't feel good. Even when he doesn't want to.

Stick up for me when my brother is picking on me.

Do anything to make me smile.

I don't think you can ever be to old to be a daddy's girl. And if you can I don't wanna grow up.

Happy Fathers day to the best dad, i love you so much and im glad that i get to celebrate with you. You always stood up for me and always have the right words when im feeling upset and always always gives the best hugs.
love you pappy

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