Friday, July 3, 2009

Started off 4th with a BANG!

let me set the story up...every time my parents leave town to get away something always happens.

Before my parents left to have a nice weekend getaway in Vegas {yay red rock} my brother and i assured my mother that she didn't need to go to the grocery store and we were very capable of getting bread and milk and other little things for the weekend.

Aaron got off work early, very unusual for a Friday but hey i wasn't going to complain. So Matthew Aaron and I head out to do our errands, go to the grocery store and then get some pizza come home and relax.

Well, as were on our way...having a great conversation. Aaron is Driving and Matthew is riding passenger and i in the back seat as normal..were cruising to our destination and Matt see's a truck that looks like it's going to run its stop sign...and then right their Aaron slams on the breaks and we hit this truck and we do a 180 spin around and hit a little embankment. I think we totaled the truck and did one hell of a number on the kids truck.

Thankfully we all walked away with nothing other then some shook up nerves and a little soreness.
He ran the stop sign.
19 years old and has only had his licence for 3 months.

poor pappy...we totaled his truck. {i think}

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