Wednesday, July 22, 2009

kinda personal

im ging to write something that many will not like but it is my opinion.
Cf and Death.

How your child handles Cf will be a big part of how you handle CF.
and i believe the same goes with Death.

let me tell you a story. I was diagnosed with Cystic fibrosis when i was 10. That was 10 years of my life that didnt have an "experation" date. Then 1 day that changed. My parents did an amazing job of not changing my life in any way other then the necessary treatment and appoitments. But when i was old engough to realize what the outcome of my disease was there was mixed feelings.
1st. why the hell didn't anyone tell me?!
2nd. not me.

My parents always taught me i wasnt the statistic. i was different.

So i live my life planning and hopeing for the future keeping that "number" in my head but not letting it consume my world... even though there are days when that "number" gets the best of me emotionaly i still continue my day to day life.

So i ask.. how can you raise a child and tell her tick tock? isn't that what we, as CF patients don't need to be reminded.

Then, to put yourself out there publicly and say things that honestly don't need to be said?! why? My heart hurts for this young lady who needs a support system to tell her she is strong and has a lot of living to do and she isn't a statistic, not a mother watching her clock tick tock.

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