Monday, October 12, 2009

you never leave me alone

Oh CF, how i wish you would leave me alone. Please just give me some space. You are with me every moment of the day and honestly i think i would be a lot happier if you left me alone.

When i eat you insist on joining me even though we both know you are not welcome; but like a fool i just let you invade my space.

Then there are those morning when honestly all i wanna do is nothing. but there you are making things hard unless i sit down and pay you some attention. About an hour is what you be very happy if it was only 10min. but like a fool i just do what you ask

My biggest issue is when i breathe there isn't any reason for you to add that little wheeze or a rattle just so i know your there. i mean its not necessary. Cant a girl just breath with out you trying to acknowledge your presence.

Trust me everyone around here knows that you and i are a pair.

I cant even sleep with out you reminding me. right now all i smell is "that" smell. the dreaded vanilla...couldn't you of at least given me options? like strawberry or chocolate, but instead its vanilla...borrriinnng

Oh CF, your not boring you have great timing too, you know exactly when your not wanted and then as fast as you know it here you come...maybe a little sinus issues, some chest pain and when your feeling really awesome you give me a little blood in the sputum. How i love those. your so creative CF

I hate to say it CF but I'm looking forward to the day when i can be me....and just me. no offense i never really liked you anyway plus to be honest you cramp my style.

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