Thursday, September 23, 2010

Are you there Atavan? Its Me. Jessica

Atavan...i have high hopes for you.
Anxiety is a major issue with me right at the moment. I'm hoping with some drugs i can overcome the panic feeling in my chest and the need to remind myself to breathe.

I have been busy. Mostly by my design and it has been working.

Remember when i said Matthew and I are acting mature!? well i might of spoke to soon. I may or may not have sent him mean text this point I'm not ready to disclose the culprit. maybe that's another side of anxiety...hostility?

I had another CF check up in LA today so my best friend and I made the long haul and it was a good appointment...I'm possibly going to start IV's in 2 weeks if I'm not kicking this little cold i have.
This little doll is Emily! She made the trip with Brandy and I to the doctors...she didn't mind the appointment and saw Auntie Jess talk to all the doctors. She is a sweetie pie.

I'm feeling good days and bad days as usual but was confirmed that that's a sign of the disease progressing.

with love to all and i hope to be back into the blogging mood soon.

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