Friday, November 5, 2010


Some days life is a blur...I can get into the mindset that you never existed and what we had was a dream. You were just a thought I had in my mind so I'm not missing someone and a love I thought was real and forever. Then somedays it takes everything I have not to text you and tell you I miss you. I miss you. I hate that when I think of you the first emotion is missing you life was so easier when it was hate. Hate was a simple emotion compared to missing you hate had no rhyme or reason it was just hate but to miss you brings thoughts and memories I really thought when you said forever you meant mistake for believing you.
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Matthew F. said...

Even though memories hurt, they remind you of the better you can surpass those memories by finding someone that will not only make you forget this other person, but make all your dreams come true.


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