Saturday, November 12, 2011

Bring you back to life

Do you ever have moments where your doing something and your mind drifts off and you realize these are the moments that you'll remember forever and these are the moments that when your at your worst will bring you back to life?

I'm in bed tonight with a killer headache that makes me think what did I do to deserve this pain. I feel our newest addition sleeping at my bed...and as much as I enjoy bossy or Bosco right now I know when he grows up to be a full grown mastiff weighing probably close to 200lbs I might regret letting him call my bed his bed; but for now I enjoy the late cuddles when he's cold and I believe nothing is a better start to a day then puppy kisses.

Back to my original thought...those moments what are they for you? For me they are simple but I hold them close to my heart I think about the car rides and the conversations. The tears and hugs and I think about special occasions. I have my dark moments you know that I have never been shy about those moments but trust me I have moments that are the best moments. Seeing my baby Jax for the first time on the ultra sound...made me cry. Knowing moments like those are what my life is made of is nothing short of amazing in my eyes. Im going to try to be better about sharing those moments with you all

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