Saturday, March 30, 2013

Just lil ol me

I have a tendency to talk to much. The quietness of a conversation makes me uneasy. I usually say to much and it's always the wrong thing to say.

I speak to fast when I should talk slow. I'm weak when I need to be strong. Fearless when I should have fear. Everything about me is inconstant with what I'm supposed to be. I smile when I should cry. And cry at my happiest moments.

The pain doesn't make me feel more alive it makes me more aware of the pain.

I'm fighting with my lungs and i'am loosing. They feel the need to rattle and roll when it's not necessary. And they seem to have collected new residents in MY lungs. Loads of mucus that likes to fly out at a whim so please be cautious when approaching me in a coughing fit. Those suckers are on a mission to escape.

My only joy this evening is bossy. He is the best cuddlier. Just him being here takes my mind off the tummy ache and nausea I'm feeling. Plus I'm not alone when he is here he is the definition of comfort.

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