Saturday, March 30, 2013

We always win

I'm in pain tonight. I can't get comfortable every position i lay in my lungs ache and throb. It's a dull pain but its enough of a reminder to make me lay awake.
I have been having a hard time lately. After spending my 26th birthday in the hospital for hompotysis. I haven't felt any better. I just feel stuck in between sick and sicker. Every day varies so much that it makes this so difficult to find happiness. I just feel defeated all the time. I get so tired just from the smallest tasks that everything becomes bigger then what it really is.
Cf is one hell of a disease. It can morph and change so has no mercy on you and especially others. It is ugly but only attacks the most beautiful people. Beautiful on the inside and out. It challenges our love and patience and our strength. But everything cf is...I'm more.
For every person who has fought the battle will tell you it's a battle after battle but no matter what the outcome is we all win with every smile and laugh we become the victorious ones never letting cf rule our world.

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