Sunday, June 24, 2012

10 years of advice for me

A letter to myself when I was 15

Remember when you thought 25 would never happen ? It did and it's not to awful but take it from me that boy you think you love isn't for you. You will learn there are many forms of love and this isn't true love forever and always; that happens just not now.

Friends aren't forever you will learn this very well more then once. People come and go and as hard as it is to watch them walk away it's not your decision. Being a friend isn't the easiest part but you make it through and find you're friends in the most important people. Your family.

Words. you become very well at times with words and other times you speak when you should have been quiet. Remember words can't be taken back once they are said they are forever out there ;words hurt. You know this and to this day at 25 it's something you will be working on

Your family will shift...people will become more involved and others will drift into the back ground and no matter what you do you can't get that back. Enjoy it while you can get those hugs in and the I love yous in because time isn't promised to anyone and it's hard to see people leave.

Never regret the relationships you had weather it's friends or boyfriends they lead you to a good spot. The memories are what keeps you strong on the bad days. And yes you will have bad days. Some are pretty bad but no matter what happens on those days you make it through i promise.

You will go through a stage where you want to be normal. But you will learn trying to be normal is only making you realize how abnormal you really are. Your health isn't what defines you but it's a huge part of who you are as a woman. Without your health you are nothing

Someday you will meet a boy who steals you're heart and you fall madly in love. Young love at its best. He's your best friend and even though there are some rough sports he has your heart and will forever be the love of your life. Forever and a day

Really though have fun be smart and always follow your gut. People are sometimes good. You learn to love the people who are in your life and you miss the ones like hell who left.

I'll end with some useless knowledge. It is what it is. Exactly that. The things in your life that happen are just moments that lead you to a beautiful life with love and laughing and really is beautiful. Hold on cause your in for a ride

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