Tuesday, January 8, 2013

how do you not worry?

I'm laying in bed it's 10 till 2am and I'm awake despite my best efforts to sleep.  I start to drift into that place where I think to much and over analyze the simple things. Just the normal stuff to be thinking about at 2am. I'll be turning 26 this year I'll also be getting married and hopefully moving into a home of my own. But I worry about my health and how no matter how much I plan it ultimately makes the decision if those things are really going to happen. I can live with disappointment but disappointing others is much harder on my heart.

I'm feeling weak again like I just need motivation but everywhere I look I can't find it. I need to step things up this year and take things seriously but when you struggle to breathe everything seems impossible. 

So my goals for 2013
* exercise to built strength and stamina and a few muscles wouldn't hurt either
*gain weight but good weight
* sleep less but take more naps after I have accomplished any of the above
* dance classes for the wedding
* be more aware of others and there issues and struggles
Most importantly make memories that are worth remembering

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John said...

Hi Jessica! You can control some tings in life but others you cannot. If you are putting your best foot forward everyday in life and you are living your dreams out then thats all you can do. We cannot control everything and I understand you on the disappointing others in your life. But the thing is this the people that love and care about you will NEVER be disappointed. Just remember that :)
Wishing you a wonderful 2013!!!

John said...

Hi Jess!!! I want you to know that you are not alone on this topic. WE can only control so much in our life. When you get up everyday put your best foot forward and live out your dreams. The people who care about you will NEVER be disappointed at you. Trust me I know it.

I am wishing you a wonderful 2013 cyster :)


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