Sunday, January 19, 2014

2013 compared to 2014

What a difference a year makes. This time last year I was admitted for a lung bleed that landed me a hospital stay for my 26th birthday 

Today on my 27th when my head hits the pillow I will be in MY home. With my husband.

I spent the day surrounded by my family enjoying my new home. Showing everyone all the work everyone has done and the gushing over how hard they worked to make this house our home. 

On my 26th birthday I sat in an empty hospital waiting room with my closest family and ate cold food but it was happy times because we were together. I feel asleep that night hooked to an iv pole and a bed that wasn't mine. 

I'm amazed at the difference a year makes but I know it could change tomorrow and I could be back in the hospital with out any regard to my personal life. But health trumps all. 

I'll fall asleep tonight humbled by the love I'm surrounded by. The opportunity to have a home and feel some independence is something I never thought I'd experience. But as with many things I know it isn't promised for forever. 

The home I live in is definitely built and surrounded in love. I find myself at times stopping and saying "I'm a lucky girl" and with tears in my eyes I know it's all mine and thank god for the love of my family. Without them this life wouldn't be what it is today. Perfect. 

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