Wednesday, September 9, 2015

The drug of the devil

Steroids are made by the devil, I'm pretty sure they have that somewhere on the print out that comes with the medicine. It is just a mean plays with your emotions like a yo-yo. One min your fine then the next your trying so hard not to punch someone in the throat for that smart ass remark. Steroids test your strength and your values; those screaming kids are just having fun but i swear i will punch the next one that lets out a blood curdling scream in the middle of target. But what steroids tests the most is the ones you love...its like putting them in a game show and with every response and action they either move forward to a reward like a hug or a step backwards towards the mean looks and eye rolls. You see I'm not a very violent person but these devil drugs make me feel like I'm capable of hurting small children and adults who are barley allowed to call them selves adults. I find myself angry and sweaty as every place we go seems tot have no air flowing which makes me moist and annoyed with the fact I'm uncomfortable and no one seems to care. We are only on day 5 and i know whats coming next...the tears, the ugly cry and the sadness. Its a vicious circle of these drugs...ill bite your head off for making a silly remark about my snack then cry cause it was mean for me to even say that...then i get sad cause I'm surprised i said such a mean thing to someone i love.
 so I'm asking for help,
 Dear God..please keep a watchful eye on all who encounter me within the next 10 days or so..please give them the power of forgiveness and the strength the overlook the rage i feel inside brought to me though the devil drug steroids. I pray they forgive me and realize that I'am at the mercy of a medicine who has a control on me and makes me far from who i usually am. Amen

*some examples are extreme and not necessarily anything i would do especially when it comes to violence towards others and is just a dramatic writing effect*

Peace, Love and Hello Kitty to all

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