Sunday, October 14, 2012


Dear Uncle Jody

Last night Dad and I were talking about you and how you were when dad was growing up. You were good to him so thank you for that. I always think of you and what it would of been like to have you around. I imagine like my Dad I would love you unconditionally. You would be silly with me when I was younger and as I got older you would be like another Dad to me.

Daddy says Aaron looks like you. I can see it too now after he said something. You would of loved Aaron. Everyone does. I think you and him would have a special bond. He's a lot like you.

It's silly but I love you even though I don't know you. I miss you but I have never seen you.

Aunt Dottie tells me about how silly and hyper you were growing up and how you taught her to always leave the people you love with a hug and a "I love you". I do that too.

Uncle Jody, you should see Joe your son. He's a great man. Great father. You would be proud. He came to our lives close to 8 years ago. I feel deep in my heart you had a part in bringing him close to us. I think he needed us but we really needed him too. I love Joe like my brother. A good man who is fun and silly I really think you two are a lot alike. At least in my mind. Thank you for everything you left behind the memories and the lessons.

I would hope their is a heaven just for the simple fact someday you and I can meet and I can finally see you. You are missed and you are loved but just in case you forgot I figured it wouldn't hurt to tell you

Goodnight sleep tight

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