Saturday, May 25, 2013

Same page

I was talking with my best friend and she asked about my grandma on my moms side, the crazy thing is i wrote this just 2 days earlier. thats why were bff's cause she and i are always on the same page. <3 ya B

I see alot of my grandma in me. I think we have the same eyes and the same spirit. I feel her sometimes when I'm weak and I see her in my mothers face. I never met this woman I call grandma but I know I love her.I love when I hear stories about her that make me laugh but more importantly I love the look on my moms face as she reminiscing about the most import person in her life. My grandma was a fighter and I think I got that fighting instinct from her; but clearly it's my mom who brings it out in me. The thought of leaving my mother alone breaks my heart and gives me motivation even when things get hard. Happy birthday grandma Phil xoxo

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