Friday, May 24, 2013

lesson learned

Even after all these years of having cf I still hate to have my blood drawn. I get anxious and nauseous. Certain things I have learned to come to terms with but when it involves needles I'm a no go.

I went to the local laboratory to get some basic labs drawn and also a test to identify my genes I know one is n1303k and hopefully I'll find out the other one and maybe open some new opportunities with the new medicine. 

As I go in I notice the young lady behind the counter looks familiar but I always think I know everyone so I shrug it off and wait for my turn. 

Turn out we live in the same little town and I went to school with her and her brother. I knew she looked familiar and was surprised she knew who I was. So its time to get my blood drawn and she asks me to sit in chair 1. I sit. She is going to take my blood. Well,.... I was waiting for over an hour and she didn't help one other person but wanted to stick me? Weird 

Have you ever had a blood draw that just makes your stomach turn. It's not the poke that hurts it's the pressure and the jiggling of the needle when they switch out tubes. That was what I was experiencing. I was breathing trying not to pass out cause the room was spinning and I just kept telling myself breathe breathe. 

It was done. I walked out and thought did I ever offend this girl? Did we have some beef that she was going to right by giving me the blood draw from hell? Did I say something when we were younger? Call her names? Tease her? Nope nothing came to mind so I'll just chalk it up to lesson learned. Be cautious who takes your blood and make sure you have no history with that person especially if its bad history

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