Tuesday, May 28, 2013

My time on the juice...

I find myself weak these past few days. I feel like I can't catch a break. 2 weeks on Ivs  and I have had issue and issue. Meripenim made me extremely nauseous  so after the first week we decided to change because numbers weren't up and on top of the side effects it was needed. Zoysn will take the place. Knowing that zoysn can cause c-diff we follow that up with an oral round of Vanco to possible stop the C-diff  after trying that we get the bubble guts and bloating with the lovely loose stool. I'm at my wits end.
Round 1 Tobi Iv every 24
               Meri Iv every 8 hours
               Bactrium 2 tabs twice a day
      Results: nauseous to the extent we need new abx for the side effects and also little to know improvement. 

Round 2. Tobi   Iv every 24 hours 
               Zoysn Iv every 8 hours  
             Bactrium 2 tabs twice daily 
       Add Vanco to possibly help with   possible c-diff infection 
       Add short round of steroids. 
          Results: cough is better but having extremely uncomfortable GI issues

Round 3 Tobi Iv every 24 hours
               Ceftazidime every 8 hours
               Bactrium 2 tabs twice a day 
     Results: even though its soon I think good things will happen with this round. 

With a round of meds like this it makes bouncing back emotionally hard. I'm drained and loosing hope that this might be working. If its not working and we see no progress I fear this is the normal. 

It would make it easier if we could pause the sickens even if for a day so at least once in awhile we can feel some normalcy. 

I just need to feel better I need to feel useful to others and not a burden. Maybe not this week I can achieve those things but hopefully at least 1 of those is in my near future 

Everything is hard when you don't feel good; everyone is even more annoying. I think If I don't get better soon my family is going to kick me out for being a pain in the ass and emotional unstable. So I might be looking for a place to stay just till the meds straighten out -jk but keep it in the back of your mind just incase haha

No peace tonight...no love tonight just hello kitty xoxo

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