Sunday, January 18, 2009

The Appointment...

the doctor appointment went well. I was glad my dad came along. Usually its just me and my mom and i feel kinda bad when i sleep in the car and leave her alone. Anyways my weight was good 105!!! YAY They did a chest x-ray to look at my lungs, they were curious to see the change that happens with CF and also to check and see if i had Phneumothorax or any signs of one.
My Doctor also sent out some referrals, one to the pulmonary rehab, endocrinologist and the E.N.T and also to have an Echo Heart test thingy done i guess were checking to make sure i don't have pulmonary hypertension.
 So that's what the doctor had to say, a really good appointment I'm just waiting to hear from everyone else and get the ball rolling to see whats up with my sugars and my heart.
 Good night everyone...sorry it took me so long to update

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