Friday, January 9, 2009

bad bad day

well, i had a bad morning. which started at 12:30 (I'am a late sleeper) I woke up to this feeling of gurggling in my lungs and if you know that feeling its kinda scary. So i get up to use the lady's room and then i do the normal...spit and look. well its blood.
i hate coughing up blood. it freaks me out. so i get my phone call my dad who is at work and i say "Dad, whats that 1 thing i don't want when i coughed up blood?"
 he says if its coagulated.
OH CRAP! i think that's what I'm coughing up.
I get a cup sit on the floor and hold my cup and cough hold my cup and cough. i look down blood.
against my better judgment i decided to call my doctor. took my cup of blood and went and sat on the couch.
After the doctor calls we decide that the plan of action is Vitamin K and anymore blood we go to the E.R. room.
 so now its the game i love to play.

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