Tuesday, January 13, 2009

i did a bad thing

I taught my Dog, Bently how to sit on the chair. He is a crack up and now jumps up whenever he feels like he needs to be at the table. Its the cutest thing iv ever seen...but i can for see us coming home and him laying on the table. And when that happens I'm going to be in BIG trouble! 

I go to the doctor on Thursday in Panorama city. I'm still on iv's 4x a day. I feel bad for my mother who does 4 outta the 5 medicine. Our day Starts at 8am where she comes in and unhooks me from my feedings. Mixes the iv,run it for about 30 min. then come back and push 10cc of saline. then at 4 we do another round. then at 8 we do a Tobi bottle. Then in the evening my Dad takes the night shift and runs the 12pm round of medicine. That's juts Iv schedule. That's not including the 2 breathing treatments in the AM and the vest for at least 30 min and then another 3 breathing treatments and 30 min of vest.
 that's a normal day for me and my family right now. start at 8am and go until 12:30am
so, good night all.

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