Tuesday, February 10, 2009

Im thankful for

Friends. Friends who care enough about you to put you before them. Knowing that them having a cold could jeopardize my health. that's true friendship. I appreciate the people in my life that let me be "me" and not see the little things that i do that make me different. Being different isn't a bad thing. I enjoy being different. I enjoy the highlights of my week are Tuesday nights with the people i love the most and Thursday; volunteering helping 2nd graders do Math and English. Those are great days...not the normal days most 22 year old's are out drunk being stupid. Majority of girls my age don't want the same things I do. I want to have kids, own a house. Watch my brother get married and dance with him at his wedding. I want to be an Aunt. A Grandma too. I wanna live. And not the live like party like a rock star BS. I want real moments that mean something. I look forward to those moments. those are the things i dream of.
 good night all sweet dreams.

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