Friday, February 6, 2009

Sugar Free in 09

have you ever known something was going to happen and when it did you still were in a state of shock? That's what I'm experiencing right at this moment. I have officially been diagnosed with CFRD. I saw it coming, i damn near looked straight at it a few times, but now the feeling is completely different. I'm angry! I'm angry at myself for drinking so much Cola and I'm angry cause testing your blood sugar 8-12x a day hurts and I'm angry that this is what I'm dealing with at 22. 
 end of pity party.

My Doctors goal is to have me on an insulin pump in 6 months and also a dexacom something or other. The appointment was not what i had expected so i didn't plan very well. I got some sweet diabetes testing stuff outta the whole deal though. Tomorrow I am going to have such a great day, im going to see Phantom of the Opera!! Just My mother Me and my Uncle. I'll try and get some pics for the bloggy.

here is a picture of Cookie, my moose. I know weird but this lil guy is the best he travels well and is compact...and he smells like vanilla. (cause of the tube feeding when they leak)

 p.s. anyone have any tips about this whole new chapter (CFRD) please let me know!

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