Tuesday, February 24, 2009


New floor!!! look isn't it beautiful!?! thanks daddy!!!
Today i spent most of my day putting my room together. After a long weekend of being my brother's roomie. I'm finally in my own bed in my own room. New floor new closet. My room looks so pretty. Still no call from the doctor I'm hoping tomorrow. But if not maybe no news is good news. I'm more anxious then anything I'm not good at waiting. I would rather no now and get it done with. Today I'm thinking about a sweet girl named Megan...she is such an amazing role model for everyone out there please keep her in your prayers she needs some extra help. I'm thinking of her and checking her caringbridge almost hourly. please stop on over there and give her some encouraging words. My thoughts are on how strong people are and how they truly amaze others, seeing so many beautiful faces dealing with so much literally brings me to tears. How can this disease that is so ugly be in the faces of such beautiful children or in such wonderful and beautiful families. If you know the answer to that please enlighten me. Good night all sweet dreams

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