Tuesday, February 17, 2009

Rainy Day Schedule

rainy day schedule makes me tired so i sleep a lot stay in my Pj's and that's what I'm doing lately. I had a doctor appointment on Monday but cancelled it because of the bad weather. driving from my house to Santa Clarita would have been a long drive so were putting it off until the weather gets better. Thursday is an appointment with my clinic and my doctor asked that Matthew take me, which is weird. i think he is in trouble. I have been monitoring my sugars and so far so good. I still cant get over stabbing myself with a needle i flinch every darn time. But what can you do? Im tired but not tired all at the same time. Its frustrating. life is frustrating at this moment. I guess ill just hang in there until the sun comes out and i can spend my days by the pool. good night all

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