Tuesday, July 31, 2012

A little about me you might not know

I always tell you about the things I struggle with. Let me tell you about other things in my life.

I'm a really good daughter. At least in my opinion. I'm a decent sister. A pretty handy niece and a good cousin. I'm an okay friend. It depends on what day you catch me on. I have never had good luck with friendships really.

I'm a really great shopper. I'm great at clearing an isle especially if elderly people are hovering to long. I just cough a couple times then bam they disappear. Same with Moms with small kids.

I'm an amazing car dancer/DJ.
I can get groovy in the car like no ones business and I hate to say it but I have amazing taste in music. My music ranges from tupac to hall and oats. Eminem to Clapton. I'm hard core like that.

I love to get my craft on. I have learned from my fiance's mom how to quilt so I'm trying my luck at that.

I like to scrapbook I have 7 books starting from my first date with Matthew. We are going on 7 years it's crazy to see how much we have grown.

A lot of things come easy to me. Some things more then others. I have really enjoyed my role as an "aunt" they aren't my niece and nephew they're actually my cousins but I like Aunt better. Dodi to be exact. I love being Dodi (Hebrew for Aunt) it's an amazing feeling to love another human being in that way. It's unexplainable. But it's amazing

I know I tend to blog at my hardest moments and I don't want you to think that's all Im it's actually the complete opposite.

Peace love and hello kitty to all! Xoxox

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