Tuesday, July 3, 2012

Dogs gone wild

Bossy our 10 month old mastiff is a rebel. He destroys every rug we put on the floor...he hates rugs and sometimes when we come home we will find he moved the rug from the kitchen to the doggie door, possibly setting it free. He loves to eat dog beds but not the ones he likes but the ones the bullies like. Dish towels those are rare these days. He will grab them from the counter and run like a mad man to the doggie door and no matter how loud you yell he keeps running

He's my treatment buddy even though he takes up more of the couch then I do. But it's nice to have his company and when I lay on the floor to do my vest that's when he thinks he needs to share the pillow.

Even though they have 4 legs all my dogs are my favorites they are good company and my dearest friends. Plus they usually agree with everything I say. Haha

Betsy is the dog in the round bed and the dog that's laying on the dog bed in the middle of chaos. Bently is my ohandsome boy laying on my bed and that leaves bosco aka bossy.

Wish us luck and let's hope he doesn't eat the furniture next. Or the computer

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