Sunday, February 6, 2011

Day Seven

Yes, i know i skipped day 6 but ill be honest with you...i didn't like it anyways.

So Day seven. A picture of your most treasured item....
Hummmm I'm not sure if i treasure an item...i enjoy many things but i enjoy my Bently
He is the best gift i have ever gotten.
He is funny...adorable to me.

He isn't the most lovable dog but when he lets you love him it's those moments that are special

He is so bossy its unbelievable

He likes to sit at the dinner table like that's where he belongs

He makes me laugh so hard when he runs super fast but his butt is practically dragging on the
ground. I laugh so hard i cant breathe

So...Mr. Bently i love you and even though you like everyone better then me, your still my favorite.

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