Wednesday, February 16, 2011

Day Sixteen

Day 16

A picture of someone who inspires you.




I'm lucky enough to have met this person and I'm even luckier to have called this person a friend

Sheri Mount. She was my fairy god mother. I was diagnosed at 10 and I met Sheri when I was 14 or so. Immediately I loved her with her big hugs and smiles that lit up the room. She was the person who for many years put on an amazing benefit for cystic fibrosis called sizzlin country. This was her passion she had no connection with CF until she met a little boy with CF and fell in love with him and made it her priority to fight for a cure. I spent many years participating in this amazing charity being a face to this disease, I stood up there year after year with many others but slowly CF took them all. Sizzlin Country was an event not to be missed, the event did more then just entertain it was a sign of hope that we were going to make this disease a thing of the past so many people famous people cared about the disease I was fighting. It was an amazing feeling and I'm honored to have been in the presence of Sheri.

Sheri lost her fight to pulmonary fibrosis June 17 2008. That was the day we lost an angel who lived among us, she went back home. I miss her and she has inspired me to keep fighting and if I can be half as charitable as she was then that's good enough for me. Miss you Sheri xoxox

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