Thursday, February 3, 2011

Day three

A picture of the cast from your favorite show

I'm not sure i have a single favorite show. Spending lots of time doing treatments and everything else CF throws at you i find myself in front of the tube more often then not. Right now my favorite Show is Teen Mom 2.
I know its lame, but i really enjoy watching these Moms handle there babies and life. Mostly i like to watch the drama. Man these Moms ha
ve a hard life. Some of the cast members i like better then others and some i just can't stand. My favorite is Leah. She has twins. can you imagine 2 twins at 16?! You can tell though she is a good mom and it tugs at my heart to see her going through some health issues with one of her twins. I wont lie, it has brought me to tears. I tune in Tuesday nights and watch my show. Check it out sometime let me know what you think!!

Here is Leah and her daughters Ali and Aleeah


Katy said...

i LOVE this show and Leah is one of my favorites as well! I cannot stand Janelle, she is so immature and really needs to grow up and put her sons needs before her own! I am addicted to quite a few shows as well because of all the therapy/hospital time. I like 90210, One Tree Hill, Gossip Girl, Teen Mom 2 and Say Yes to the Dress!

Sandy said...

I am totally addicted to this show. It is something that I look forward to on Tuesday night. Leah, is the most interesting...and of course some of the others bring GREAT drama. :)

Zoey's Mom said...

I like Leah too, but can you believe Chelsie gook Adam back? That just drives me crazy, she is setting herself up for more verbal abuse. (Yes my guilty pleasure also)


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