Thursday, December 29, 2011

He is my Aaron

My thought process is wacky. I look at something and I automatically go to the dark side of things. My biggest fear is for others especially the ones I love the most and hold a special place in my heart.

I see things and I fear the possibility of regret for him. I'm afraid he will look back and have moments where he says what if...?
I shouldn't of been so quick to leave and not give that last goodbye or the hug she wanted so badly.

I fear the regrets he will have. I hope no matter what happens between now and that moment I hope he never forgets the bond we have and the times together are always held so close to my heart I keep them with
me at all times. They are my fondest memories.

I fear he will look back and see moments where he wasn't getting the attention he needed and blames me. I took and still take a lot of attention and focus away from him when he is such a great man. He's becoming a wonderful boyfriend and he's grown so much I have nothing but pride in him and the man he is. He might of felt in the shadows of me and my cf but he will always be my star. I told him I want him to live for the both of us traveling and doing things I can't...when he accomplishes things I feel so much pride that I cannot contain myself. He is always in my heart with everything he does. He is my brother my best friend...he's my Aaron.

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