Friday, December 9, 2011

Soupy sails Lol

This scene in friends keeps replaying in my head and every few min I let out a chuckle and think soupy sales!?

Pheobe -(as Mrs. Adelman): I KNOW WHO IT IS You remind me of-- evelyn dermer.
-'Course, that's before she got the lousy facelift.
Now she looks like soupy sales.
- pheebs, who's evelyn dermer?
I don't know.
-Who's soupy sales?

Pheobe's massage client dies while Pheobe is giving her a massage and Pheobe believes her spirit is now in her...she keeps having these "elderly" moments and it's just a knee slaper.

Soupy sales where do they get this stuff. Oh friends you crack me up but it's further proof I should really find a hobby or something better to do with my time.

Soupy sales....gets me every time!

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